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Today is: March 26th, 2017

Tuck Pointing Tools

The following are a list of tuck pointing tools that a required to make the job easier and the results superior.
4 1/2 Grinder 4 1/2" Electric Grinder

For removing old mortar from a brick wall or chimney it's hard to beat an electric grinder fitted with a masonary diamond cutting wheel. The grinder we have chosen is a high-quality Makita model more than capable of doing the job. At under $50 it is a handy tool to have in your toolbox.

If you are removing mortar from stone walls a grinder may be fitted with a diamond masonary bit instead of a cutting wheel. Regardless of the tuck pointing job you are performing I believe an electric grinder should be considered a required tool.

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Diamond Cutting Wheel 4 1/2" Diamond Cutting Wheel

An electric grinder fitted with this cutting wheel will remove old mortar with ease. You will also be able to cut brick, concrete block, and some varieties of stone.

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Finish Trowel Finish Trowel

I use a finish trowel upside down to hold the mortar I press into the joint. After the tuck pointing job is finished there are other home projects that require it. It is a good long term toolbox investment.

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Mason Trowel Mason Trowel

If you are going to do masonary work you need this trowel in your toolbox.

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Tuck Point Trowel Tuck Point Trowel

The tuck pointing trowel is used to push mortar into the joints between the bricks without getting the mortar all over the face of the bricks (which makes your work look less professional).

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Mason Jointer Jointer

The jointer tool is the last tool you use on your brick joints. The jointer is used to smooth, seal, and put a uniform concave appearance to the joints (which makes the bricks stand out). If you want a professional looking job when finished I highly recommend that you purchase this relatively inexpensive tool. *Note - each end has a different width. I recommend that you purchase both the jointer with 3/8 and 1/2 inch ends and the jointer with 5/8 and 3/4 inch ends.

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Mason Chisel Mason Chisel

I use the mason chisel primarily to remove mortar from the vertical joints on the ends of the bricks. The electric grinder cutting wheel is too big for most vertical joints.

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Ball Pein Hammer Ball Pein Hammer

Claw hammers are primarily for pulling and pounding nails. Ball pein hammers are better suited for use with a mason chisel.

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Safety Glasses Safety Glasses

Safety glasses (not just your everday glasses) are an absolute requirement for this job. In fact, safety glasses AND a face shield are preferable as bits of mortar will hit your face now and then.

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Spray Bottle Spray Bottle

I use the spray bottle to:

  • Mist the joints before inserting the new mortar
  • Add moisture to my mortar mix if it starts to dry out
  • Mist the mortar if necessary when using the jointer tool
  • Mist the mortar after tuck pointing to prevent it from drying to quickly

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$5.99* (3)

N95 Dust Mask N95 Dust Mask

Removal of old mortar can cause large amounts of dust. Breathing mortar dust is VERY bad for your health. Be sure the mask or respirator you use is a high quality N95 type.

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Disposable Suit Disposable Suit

I found that it is nearly impossible to not get completely covered with mortar dust during the grinding process. A relatively cheap disposal paint suit solves the problem.

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