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Today is: March 26th, 2017

Uverse vs Dish Network

If both Uverse and Dish Network are available to you and monthly cost is not a concern then I would recommend AT&T Uverse.

Uverse does not require installation of a satellite dish on the roof, is not affected by weather, and offers bundle packages that interlink web, phone and internet. However, if monthly cost is a factor for you, then the Dish Network may be the better choice.

Currently I have the Uverse U200 package. I would like to switch to the U100 package and give up a few channels to save on my monthly bill. However, the U100 package doesn't include the DVR. To add a DVR to the U100 package costs an additional $15 per month - the same monthly cost as the U200 package with fewer channels. Hardly a bargain.

The reason I'm going to switch to the Dish Network is simple - monthly cost. At the time of this writing the Dish Network is offering a plan for $24.99 per month for the first year and $39.99 a year for the second - still $10 less per month than the Uverse U100 plan and the Dish Network plan include receivers for three TVs while the Uverse plan only provides one. For an additional $10 per month Dish Network users can add 55 HD channels. For around $6 per month Dish Network users can add a DVR.

If I add both HD and the DVR to the Dish Network plan I will pay $40.99 the first year and $55.99 the second year - which is still $8 less than I am paying right now for the Uverse U200 package without any HD channels and only one TV connected. For savings such as these I'm willing to take a chance with the Dish Network.

Although it took several days and several technicians to get Uverse working, once up and running it has worked without problem. The only issue unresolved was the three wireless adapters the technician left for our computers. Two of the 2Wire wireless adapters didn't function at all and the third disconnected so frequently I finally purchased a new Zonet wireless adapter. See adapter review here.

Zonet Wireless Adapters

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